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Advanced Document Management


SignSure's Advanced Document Management System organizes your documents into categories including Drafts, Current Activity and Completed Activity.  Documents that aren't completed within the timeframe designated by the Expiration of Offer feature are placed in the Missed Deadline category.  You are also able to create your own folders for further organization of your files.

Signature, Date, Text and Check Box Tools


When preparing and sending documents with SignSure, you can request signature, date, text and check box input from the receiver.  These tools provide a simple method of preparing and sending documents, and they allow the receiving party to complete your request in one easy process.

Cloud Integration


SignSure provides a simple interface with your cloud account, so you can import, prepare and send documents quickly and easily.



SignSure's Template feature saves you time by storing a prepared document.  All of the signature, date, text and check boxes are already located in the saved Template, so all you need to do is select the Template file, identify the signer(s) and send the request.

SignSure Forms


SignSure Forms provide an entirely different method of sending documents out for signing.  When you need to send the same, separate request to several people, SignSure Forms allows you to prepare the document one time, identify all of the individual recipients and send the request in one simple process.  You receive separately completed files from each person you sent the request to.

Video Verification


SignSure's Video Verification feature records the image of the signer during the signature process.  The video file is paired with the signed document for viewing within the Document Management System to help you authenticate the identity of those signing your documents.  Stay tuned for further additions to this patented system.

Expiration of Offer


This feature allows you to set a deadline or expiration of offer for all of the documents you send.  Deadlines can either be defined by a period of time (days, weeks or months) or by designating a specific time and date.  If your document hasn't been signed prior to the Expiration of Offer, then the file is moved into the Missed Deadline category of the Document Management System and can no longer be signed.



SignQuick allows you to quickly open any document from your email or cloud account, place signatures, text, date and check boxes on the document and then save it directly into your document management system.  Once inside the Document Management System, files can be printed or emailed.

Plans and Pricing

SignSure Basic


Price:  Free


  • Sign or Send: up to 5 Documents/Month

  • Use of SignQuick Feature

  • Signers: up to 2/Document

  • SignSure Basic Document Management System

  • Up to 50MB of document storage

SignSure Premium




$4.99/Month or




  • Sign or Send:  Unlimited

  • Use of SignSure Forms Feature

  • Signers:  Unlimited/Document

  • SignSure Advanced Document Management

  • Unlimited use of SignSure Templates

  • Expiration of Offer Feature

  • Video Verification of Signers

  • Up to 2GB of Document and Video Verificaton Storage


*When Paid Annually

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