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How Much Does A SignSure Subscription Cost?


SignSure's Basic account is free.  A subscription to SignSure Premium costs $4.99/month or $47.99/year if paid annually.

Is There A Limit To the Number Of Documents A SignSure Basic/Free Account Holder Can Sign?


There is no limit to the number of documents a SignSure Basic account holder can sign if they are sent from another user.  Free account holders can also sign documents that include premium features if they are sent from another user that holds a premium account.  SignSure Basic account holders are limited to a total of 5 documents per month that can be signed using the SignQuick feature or sent to another user for signature.  SignSure Premium features are not activated when sending documents for signature using a SignSure Basic account.

What Is The Difference Between Sending A Document For Signature Using A SignSure Agreement vs A SignSure Form?

SignSure Forms is a powerful tool that provides Premium subscribers with an alternate method of sending documents for signing that makes the process more efficieitn for certain situations.  Typically, a document needs to be signed by one or more parties (i.e., a contract).  By selecting Agreement as your document type when preparing a document to send, the sender has the ability to request one or more people sign the document.  In this case, all signers will sign the same document, so when it's completed, all of their signatures show up in the same file, on the same document.  For example, a real estate agent could send a purchase contract to both a buyer and a seller.  After both parties sign the contract, there is one fully executed document containing both parties' signatures.  Using SignSure Forms provides a better method of sending documents for signature when a document only requires one person to sign it, but the same request needs to be sent to multiple recipients.  The best example of this type of request is a class permission slip.  A teacher could prepare a document (the permission slip) to be signed by one parent.  Rather than preparing and sending the request individually to each parent, or even using a template and sending each request individually, the teacher can simply enter all of the parents' names and email addresses as recipients of the request.  Using SignSure Forms, each parent will receive a separate document to sign.  When the documents are signed and returned through the system, each parent has signed a separate document that is stored as a separate pdf file.

What Happens If A Document Is Not Signed Before The Deadline Has Expired?


Any document that is sent with the Expiration of Offer feature activated that is not signed before the designated deadline is no longer able to be signed and completed.  Expired documents are placed in the Missed Deadline category of the Document Management System on a user's home page.

How Does SignSure Accommodate For Time Zone Differences In A Request That Includes An Expiration Of Offer?


SignSure automatically adjusts the time that an offer will expire in different time zones than where the original request was sent from.  For example, an offer that expires at 5:00 PM on a specific date that was sent from the Eastern Standard Time Zone to a recipient in the Pacific Daylight Time Zone will expire at 2:00 PM for the signer located in the Pacific Daylight Time Zone.

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